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- Michelle

Andre helped me out with my GMAT prep. I'm weak at quant, so he not only went through trouble problems for me, but helped me come up with a study plan that works on my time scale. His explanations were clear, and if I was having trouble he would take the time to go over it until I understood. I had no confidence in remembering math when we started, and after my initial lesson with Andre, I feel like it is well within my grasp with a little practice and application. Highly recommend.
School Notebook

Diane, 9 lessons with Andre

My son has so far had 8 lessons with Andre and will probably have about 8 more before the semester and final exam are over. It goes without saying that he knows Calculus, but in addition, he's been flexible with scheduling and extrapolates from one problem things which will help him solve other related-type problems. He's also patient and great at explaining. My son has only very positive things to say about Andre and heartily recommends him to others.
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Barbara Macon, GA on 8/22/2018

We are pleased with André and will continue to work with him. He is easy to work with and my son has improved in areas he had difficulty in. André is also dedicated to making sure the student understands, and he is very patient. I highly recommend him.
School Notebook
"Very patient , warm, fun and friendly math tutor. He has a great knowledge of mathematics and is able to communicate and teach advanced concepts in a very simplified manner. He has a unique way of making math fun ,which makes the subject a lot more approachable."
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- Mallory Williston Park, NY on 2/14/2018

My son has had four lessons with Andre so far. The first was to review an algebra 2 packet for a midterm that I was certain my son would fail, but somehow passed. Since then he has passed the quiz/test and completes all his homework and per the teacher, shows a greater understanding, confidence and participation. The second miracle is that my son who balks at school work and the thought of mandatory home studying, not only doesn’t complain at all about meeting with Andre but is very agreeable to it. Having said this, I give 100% credit to Andre. He is patient, kind, professional, and shows a good mix of enthusiasm and guidance so his student feels good about themself, and has a real desire to succeed. Nothing makes a struggling student feel better than when that door unlocks and the material and the knowledge to combat it becomes transparent. This is what Andre brings to the lesson. I cannot thank him enough, and look forward to see grades continue to climb and success with his SAT’s.
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- Stan Atlanta, GA on 8/18/2018

Just had my first session with Andre and he did an incredible job. Andre was able to help me better understand and analyze multiple regressions. He went at my pace and was able to answer and explain every question that I had. Fantastic tutor. I have so much more faith in my ability after just one session with him.
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- William Orem, UT on 8/17/2018

Andre is really great. If you get him problems you've missed or struggled with in advance then he can make a lesson plan for your needs. He helped me feel more confident in the quant section of the GMAT
School Notebook

- Anthony El Dorado Hills, CA on 7/27/2018

Working with Andre was far better than I could have hoped for. He was patient, made things easy to understood, and broke it down great for a guy like me that doesn't know what he is doing with any of it to start with. Totally would suggest you use him!
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- Ryan Denver, CO on 7/14/2018

I have been stumped for days and stumped many other tutors in the process. Andre was able to breeze through the areas that I was struggling with while explaining the concepts in a clear and manageable fashion. Look no further, you have found the best tutor available on this site. He is a wizard.
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Ashley Nally - Nagel


Andre is so encouraging. I have always struggled with math, but with Andre’s help I was able to do really well on the SAT. He is positive, smiley and has great advice!
School Notebook

Jeri G. Montclair, NJ


Student's review:
Andre is very upbeat and always keep the tutoring session alive. He makes math look easy so you can understand it better. He's very caring and patient. My experience with Andre has been a great ride! He's made math a lovable subject for me. I had always struggled with math until I met Andre, he's made a wonderful difference!

Parent review:
Andre has been a positive reinforcement for our student. He started out with so much energy and love for math and it has not stopped yet. He continues with each session to give so much of his knowledge and himself. We really cannot say enough about Andre, he's amazing from start to finish. Our student has improved in math confidence who is now excelling in High Honors math, we are amazed at the difference Andre had made for our student. We highly recommend Andre, he is truly a joy to have in our lives!
School Notebook

- Sarah Port Washington, NY on 5/1/2018

Andre's been helping me prepare for the GRE and I've already seen an improvement in my understanding of the questions after only three sessions. If I get a problem wrong, he spends as much time as needed to ensure I fully understand where I went wrong and the right way to approach the question going forward. It's evident his passion is teaching and I'm extremely grateful to have found such an awesome tutor!
School Notebook

 Tanya Great Neck, NY on 1/4/2018

My daughter is in 11th grade and had 3 lessons with Andre so far but she likes very much. She had other tutors on math in the past but she didn't continue with them. She is learning a lot from Andre's tutoring and we are planning to go forward using his help. Andre has the right approach and he is very gifted. We are highly recommending him.
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